Thursday, July 23, 2009

Displaced Wall Street Executive Dog

Right now I'm waiting for my flight to Chicago to attend BlogHer with Mommy. Our flight is delayed like 2 hours so I thought I'd post the recipes for and assorted minutiae about our WINNING hot dog in the 4th Annual Great Hot Dog Cookoff! Yes, we won "Toy Dog" category, meaning the best rich-tasting dog.

Buns: We found a great price at the Entenmann's outlet on QB: 3 packages of 16 buns for $3!

After much back-and-forth with a Stop & Shop employee about whether the dogs we had were weiners or franks, and what exactly was supposed to be on sale and where it was (turns out that store doesn't even carry that item, but the sign was up anyway), we got all-beef Oscar Mayer dogs for BOGO-- that's buy one get one free for the uninitiated -- which means about $2.30 per pack of 10.

Another BOGO special, we got Plumrose bacon on sale the day before the sale ended, also at Stop & Shop. Scott spent about 5 hours cooking all 14 pounds in the oven so each piece stayed nice and straight.

Prime Rib Chili
We made modifications to the original Chili recipe as follows:
* Instead of deer meat, use well trimmed, finely diced prime rib.
* Use 2 lbs prime rib and 1 lb ground chuck.
* Sautee the veggies in bacon fat instead of olive oil.
* Deglaze the pan with some white wine before dumping everything back in.
* Cook on low in crock pot 6-8 hours.
* We also added 1 tsp. cumin.

Ski Weekend in Vermont Cheddar

Scott was tempted to use any-old Cheddar but I insisted on Vermont, since that's what we said. Right? So we got Stop Shop brand on sale, 10 ounces for $2.50 (technically it was 2 packages for $5, but since we bought 10 that was no problem.)

We got both the Mexican Riviera Crema recipe and the In-the-red Onion Relish recipe from a Bobby Flay Food Network page from an episode of Boy Meets Grill. We get a lot of our recipes from the Food Network site.
* We used sour cream, Daisy brand, because it, of course, was on sale.
* We left the serrano chili out of the Relish because we just didn't have one. I'm sure it would be good with it as well, just have more kick to balance the sweetness of the cooked red onions. (Who knew?)

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