Friday, July 31, 2009

Blue Bear's BlogHer '09 Experience

I had a great time at BlogHer in Chicago.

To be quite honest, I was a little confused about whether we were at BlogHer or BagHer.

And I wished Mommy let me go to the foodbloggers session but oh, well.

Here I am at LaGuardia Airport waiting the 3 hours our flight was delayed. Although we thought it was a bum steer to have to pay for Internet access, it was worth it. We got all the hot dog recipes posted and did some other stuff too.

When we finally arrived at Midway at 1 am, we had to take a cab. We took this picture for DuckyBoy so he could compare to NYC taxis.

Friday's Newbie Breakfast was fun, we hooked up with Sara and everyone was nice. We did our first of many business-card shuffles.

Next we attended our first session, on Owning Your Expertise.

Lemme see: "Hi, my name is Blue Bear, and I'm an expert in Holt-Wright Family Recipes, because I'm the coordinator and mascot of their recipe blog." Sound good?

I didn't drive this Camaro but it was cool to see it at the Expo.. DuckyBoy says it's the kind of car Bumblebee is.

I was really hoping to win the full set of McDonald's Teeny Beanies!

If you look closely you'll see that one space is empty and guess what, we know which one it is -- it's the little guinea pig, FluffBall!

BowlHer sounded like fun. The feather boa was too big for me, but I liked the chocolate Goldfish and the bag.

Mommy tried to explain how fun CheeseburgHer was, but I didn't quite get it. Guess I'da had to have been there.

I do like this cool T-shirt I got, even though it's from Build-a-Bear and I'm not!

Did I mention how hard it was to get up every morning? I was up waaaay past my bedtime every night! And the bed was very soft and comfy.

We met one more BlogHer in the shuttle to the airport (she's in front of me to the left), and got the scoop on the AlphaMoms bloggers' conference in September in Asheville, NC!

Since we hadn't been able to FedEx anything, we repacked the carry-ons at the airport to condense from 3 to 2, and ate our swag Stacy's Parmesan chips in case security wouldn't let us carry them through. They were delish!

Bye, Chicago! Bye, fellow BlogHers! Hope to see you next year in NYC!

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